Access the best international post production team for your project

Our Post Supervision service ensures that the final stages of your film project are executed seamlessly and to the highest industry standards. With a meticulous eye for detail and a deep understanding of post-production workflows, we oversee every aspect of the process. From editing and color grading to sound design and visual effects integration, we ensure that your film reaches its full potential. Our expertise in managing timelines, budgets, and technical specifications ensures that your project is delivered on time and in optimal quality.

One project, many formats, the best QC.

As a crucial step in the distribution process, our DCP & Delivery service ensures that your film is presented at its best on the big screen. We handle the creation of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs), the industry-standard format for theatrical exhibition. By meticulously encoding, packaging, and quality-checking your film, we guarantee optimal playback quality in cinemas worldwide. Additionally, we oversee the delivery process, ensuring that your film reaches its intended audience on time and in the correct formats, meeting the specifications of distributors and exhibitors.

The film's marketing efforts starts here.

Our Trailer team is dedicated to crafting a captivating promotional piece that effectively showcases the essence and allure of your film. Through skilled editing, strategic selection of scenes, and dynamic music integration, we create a trailer that entices and engages audiences. We understand the importance of balancing intrigue with restraint, ensuring that the trailer captivates without revealing too much. With a focus on storytelling, we aim to leave a lasting impression that compels viewers to experience the full narrative. Our trailer is designed to be a powerful marketing tool that generates excitement and anticipation for your film's release.